increase the 
capacity of 
your plant 

without buying new machinery and hiring more people

We have found that manufacturing companies do not have enough insight they need to be efficient.

Based on our experience, we know that unmonitored production runs on about 30% of its potential capacity.


After the introduction of monitoring, it is found that the vast majority of downtime is not due to operators, but because of inefficient switch to another final product.


Within 90 days after the measurement starts, the production efficiency reaches about 90%.

No servers

No initial investment in hardware

No networks

No need to build expensive computer networks in your factory


Online support from our technicians

Without outages

Super simple integration into your current production

In just a few days, you can have your production completely online monitored.

You will get


Dashboard on which you can clearly see what is happening in the production right now.


A simple report will give you the answer what is the weak spot in your production you have to focus on.


How to distinguish what needs to be addressed with a higher priority and what should not be addressed at all.


For the perfect quality you need to keep an eye on some values. Such as temperature, velocity, force, etc.

Simple life

We will take care of everything around networks, servers and IT

Save resources

You will constantly save resources. People, machinery and money.

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